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YSL Yves Saint Laurent rive gauche 60s petite Belt Bag

Item: #40683

Vintage YSL Yves Saint Laurent rive gauche petite Fanny Pack/Waist Belt So rare!

Adorable "fanny-pack", most likely from late 60s or very early 70s, by Yves Saint Laurent rive Gauche. Made in France.
Leather, Canvas, and silver tone Metal.
Adjustable web-belt feeds through a pair of loops on the back of the purse.
Rounded corners.
Snap closure.
Fabric lined.
Stamped: Saint Laurent rive gauche Made in France.

In very good condition.

Get it while you can!

SIZE (in inches):
Length: 6 1/4
Height: 5 5/8
Depth: 7/8
Length of web belt: 49 1/4
Width of web belt: 7/8

Please see also my other YSL belt bag.

Circa: 1960s-70s

Materials: Leather, Canvas

Designer: Yves Saint Laurent rive gauche

Yves Saint Laurent YSL Red & Black Belt Bags/Waist Bags/Fanny Pack, on Natural Rope Rare!

Item: #40323

Truth be told, most fanny packs were ugly. Yet, they were pretty nifty keeping things close to you without tying up your hands. Designers to the rescue: Every designer worth his/her salt has designed a chic version of the much maligned fanny pack. For a while it was called a belt bag or waist bag, but now the fanny pack description is once again cool. Read the latest article from the PurseBlog: Louis Vuitton Finally Jumps on the Fanny Pack Bandwagon.

New and never used rare (did I say rare?) vintage dual leather bags on rope belt. One in cherry red, the other in black.
Each bag comes with Saks Fifth Avenue item tag; one also with the YSL tag matching the item number on the store tags.

Push button (non-magnetic) closure.
Aside from slight wrinkling inside on bottom of flap these bags are in excellent condition.

Wear one or both. This is one pair of YSL bags you don't want to miss out on!

Measurements (in inches):h 3/4 Lengthi Heightg/4 Depth
Rope: 68 1/2 long

Circa: 1960s-1970s

Materials: Leather

Designer: Yves Saint Laurent