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70s Flower Power Clip-on BOW TIE

Item: #10533

Cool clip-on bow tie from the seventies.

7/8 inches at widest point

In excellent condition.

Circa: 1970s

Materials: Cotton or Cotton Blend


Item: #10224

Brioni suits and accessories are the cat's meow! Impeccably tailored and priced accordingly.

From Neiman Marcus, an exquisite silk tie by Brioni. Back of tie has two fabric labels with Brioni's name as well as the gold-tone chain and plaque, engraved Brioni.

Here is an article someone wrote about ties:
The tie is probably the most important accessory from a man's outfit and, if you pick the right one, you will improve a lot your overall appearance. If you have to dress business/formal every day, then you should invest in some good-quality items. Brioni ties are a great option for you. Elegant, stylish and luxurious, those ties will make you standout in the crowd every time you put them on. Handmade of precious silk, with a beautiful cut and exquisite patterns and prints, Brioni ties never go out of style. Even if they might seem a little expensive at first sight, you'll actually be saving money, because you can always them for years. A good-quality tie is always fashionable, and it will look great even after taking them to dry cleaning a lot of times. Probably the most important thing about a tie is how the knot looks. With Brioni ties, thanks to the amazing quality of the silk fabric, you'll always be able to obtain the perfect knot. And, whether you prefer classic, dark colored ties, or daring, outstanding nuances, you can find them all under this classy brand.

Width: 3 13/16 inches

In excellent condition.

Circa: 1990s

Materials: Silk

Designer: Brioni