Frivolous Pursuits

Hi, I'm Inge and I LOVE vintage. I have been collecting all of the finest vintage items I could find for years. Most of my vintage costume jewelry, belts, handbags, scarves, and clothing are YSL (especially limited YSL editions), but I also have other fine vintage treasures by other designers.

Wearing vintage allows you to create a fabulous look that is uniquely your own. Not to mention the superb high quality of vintage items over their modern-day counter-parts. You will love getting noticed and asked about the vintage items you wear.

If you have questions about a particular item please don’t hesitate to contact me. To make sure you are truly happy with an item you buy from me, I offer a 7-day return.

You can also visit our Frivolous-Pursuits treasure trove of early YSL and other designers on any of these global sites.

Special Partners

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Hermes Lamp - Chic, Orange